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Bad Credit Loans

Bad Credit Loans

No more troubles. Obtain Solutions to Stable Your Financial Life like it Was Before.

Understanding Bad Credit Loans in UK

Applying for the loans requires some obligations to follow and credit score is indeed one of them. Lenders specifically do credit assessment to judge which borrowers are more sincere and which are risky to lend. Having a poor credit history often puts a blot on your financial creditworthiness. However, bad credit loans are purposefully proffered to these individuals, making surviving in tough situation a lot easier.

Mainstream lenders are strict on people with less-than-perfect credit scores, but the direct lenders in UK have shown interests to serve them financial assistance without making the approval procedure tricky. Metro Loans, a true representative of direct lending, is indeed one of those online lenders where applying for loans has never been a cumbersome tasks.

Metro Loans Mainstream Lenders
  • Borrow from £1000 to £15000
  • Everything performed online
  • Get easy cash advance with no documentation
  • Pre-approval with no credit check
  • Acceptance on very bad credit scores
  • Updated interest rates
  • Minimum borrowing limit
  • Physical appearance at lender’s office is mandatory
  • Hefty paperwork to obtain loans
  • Hard credit check
  • Least approval chance on very bad credit
  • High interest rates

A good credit score opens up maximum lending opportunities for the borrowers, but still no lender can give guarantee to it. In the same way, a poor credit score does not guarantee a loan rejection. We approve your loan application and bring approval on instant decision.

Features that make bad credit loans popular among borrowers:

  • Same day fund deposit
  • Online application with easy steps to follow
  • Absence of any hidden charges
  • Early approval through no credit check
  • Flexible borrowing norms

Loans for Bad Credit: For Personal & Business Uses

Responsible lending paves the way for many purposes to meet no matter they are for personal life or for your business. The loans for people with bad credit score are basically any purpose loans and you can use them to gain multiple benefits. Before approving your loan application, we do not ask for your purpose because our main concern is your positive approach towards the lending process where repayments can be done on-time.

Poor Credit Loans for Personal Uses: Business Purposes to Solve With Loans for Bad Credit:
  • Consolidate multiple existing debts
  • Enhancement in credit profile
  • Purchasing necessary gadgets or items
  • Dealing with urgent expenses
  • Cutting off education expenses
  • Purchasing new equipments
  • Expanding venture to other cities
  • Investing in new technology
  • Paying employees

Loan Products for People with Poor Financial History

The unevenness into the financial life of the people causes several grim consequences for them. A blemished credit report is one of those consequences that trapped many people living in the UK. Expecting too much from loan marketplace is obvious and private lenders in UK have done maximum into the favour of the borrowers. Metro Loans is not an exception in this regard. In fact, not just one specialised deal, we have brought our other finance products for individuals carrying low credit score. Take a look here:

Small Cash Advances: Urgent financial assistance becomes a priority when unprecedented expenses arrive. Our bespoke deals on payday loans bring emergency funds for you that are enough to shackle the financial barrier.

Uncollateralised Loans: For those people, who struggle with their borderline credit scores, find tough to secure the loan. They always have a fear of losing payments and in that case, they will lose their collateral too. Instead, they have a better option in the form of unsecured loans available with no such obligation.

Small Term Funding: You cannot rely on long term loans when you have the financial emergency. Short term loans are no doubt the best lending choices where instant fund transfer is always a possibility without any hassle.

Door-to-Door Cash Loans: Individuals with poor credit ratings cannot get a better facility than having cash at their own home. It is what doorstep loan all about. Lender sends its representative to the borrowers’ home and completes the process after having a detailed discussion.

No Guarantor Loans: Indeed, the most efficient lending product for you is - no guarantor loans. From now onwards, you do not have to request anyone to take your loan guarantee. Apply directly without any third party and get easy approval on loans for people with bad credit score.

Can I Apply Loans with Very Bad Credit or CCJ?

Yes, of course. Possibility is always there to borrow funds through very bad credit loans with no guarantor from direct lender in UK. Not just that, but we have our lending doors open for people with CCJ (County Court Judgement). However, they may have to bring a guarantor and they should be employed at the time of submitting application.

What makes these loans necessary to apply?

  • Always a chance to uplift credit score to bad or fair category
  • No broker is required to find out relevant loan deals
  • Online application same as for people with good or bad credit score
  • Soft credit perusal especially for first time borrowers
  • Repayments on easy weekly or monthly instalments
  • Securing the loan amount is not compulsory

We are well-prepared and well-committed to offer you the best deal on pre-approved bad credit loans in UK. Reviving your financial life is our main goal but for that, you need to apply and give us the opportunity to do so.

Example APR
Loan amount of £10,000 with a monthly repayment of £457.62 over a loan term of 5 years at a rate of interest per annum (fixed) of 49.9%. This is equivalent to 49.9% APR Representative. Total amount repayable is £27,457.15.